Gratis lånebräda vid köp av North wingfoilpaket

Choosing a board for wingfoiling can be really difficult. As a beginner, you need a big board, preferably up to 125-140 liters. With a large and stable board, you will develop much faster.

But big hard boards are very expensive, can be damaged more easily and you may soon have to sell it because it will feel too big and clumsy. And then probably at a much lower price than you bought it for.

We help you avoid this problem by LENDING the large beginner’s board to you. When you buy a North wingfoil package from us, you get to borrow a large board from us to practice on in the beginning. Completely free for 3 weeks.

Make a safe purchase and develop your wingfoiling with the right stuff!

How to get a free loan wingfoil board

  • Buy a complete wingfoil package: North wingfoil package in the webshop >>
  • Choose the size of board, foil, wing and front wing that you will use AFTER the beginner stage
  • We can guide you to the right equipment with which you can develop for a long time
  • Borrow a North Seek Air 123 L or 132 L inflatable for free
  • Practice the technique and learn the balance
  • Return the borrowed board after 3 weeks or continue to rent it for SEK 900 / week (max. 5 weeks)
  • For a small handling fee, you can exchange the purchased board if you subsequently want a different size, provided it is unused and in its original packaging. 1 month open purchase from the day you receive the invoice. This needs to be notified in writing and you may have to wait for delivery if we do not have the board in stock. (If your desired board is no longer in stock, you may be offered a newer year model at a discounted price)

Start wingfoiling on your loaned board

The benefits are many! You don’t have to worry about “choosing the right size” right away, you avoid dings, damage, scratches on your new board, you avoid too bulky, too expensive and the wrong board size in the beginning. You also avoid the financial loss that it means to buy expensive and sell worn used, in order to buy a new, expensive smaller board

You borrow the North Seek Air 5’5 (123L) wingfoil board for free if you weigh up to 85 kg or 5’9 (132L) if you weigh over 95 kg.

The loan boards are free for use during 3 weeks, after which you return it, or continue to rent it for SEK 900 / week (maximum 5 weeks).

You pick up your wingfoil package and loan board by appointment in our store at Vanadisvägen 21. Can also be sent throughout Sweden. The buyer and borrower are responsible for all shipping costs, including return shipping for the loaner board

Normal wear and tear is accepted. Damages or losses are 100% reimbursed by you, make sure you have insurance that covers it.

Beginner wingfoilcourse, book today >>

Our experienced team of instructors are ready to take you from beginner to advanced wingfoiler. Courses start every day with wind, often on Dalarö. Book your course day here:

Shop gear, get your course for free

You get discounted prices on wingfoil equipment after your courses. SEK 1,000 off when buying a new 2022 or 2023 wing. The price is discounted from the regular price. Does not apply to already reduced prices.

You get the entire wingfoil course for free when you buy the wingfoil complete package. We deduct what you paid for the course as a discount on the new wingfoil package. Cannot be combined with other offers or on already discounted products.

Wingfoils in the webshop >>

Shop in the store at Vanadisvägen 21 or in the webshop. With us you will always find the best of the latest from North. We have used equipment and SALE of last year’s models. You can’t get additional discounts, but the prices are really good anyway 🙂

Used and demo gear >>

Free wingfoil course

When you buy wings from us after your course, you get a SEK 1,000 discount. If you buy a package, wing, board, foil mast, we deduct your entire course fee, up to SEK 5,000. Read more here >>

Wingfoil course approved wellness allowance

You also know that the wingfoil course is an approved activity for the wellness allowance. Book and pay for your wing course. Request a receipt from us when you have paid your foil course and we will send you a receipt that is approved by the Swedish Tax Agency. Read more here >>

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Book your wingfoil course in our wing school. We have developed unique and effective course concepts for kitesurfing since 2002 and wingfoil since 2020! All kite courses start daily in Stockholm, Sandhamn, Gotland, Öland, Blekinge, Båstad. If it’s windy. If the weather is bad or there is no wind, we will rebook your course session