Kite gear for sale

New and used kite gear inc warranty. Buy the latest models kites, boards and harnesses at lower prices

New or used kitegear

In our kiteschool we use modern kite equipment from the best brands. We have very high requirements for the gear to handle the tough condition in the courses.

They should also meet our personal requirements; high quality, affordable and really fun to use. In our shop you will find equipment from Core, Eleveight, Airush, Duotone, North, Xenon, Xcel and Mystic. They are top brands that meet our demands for quality. Welcome to us when you want the best kite gear.

Buying used gear? Buy with warranty.

We have good selection and variety of brands. All used equipment is reviewed and tested. Any damage is documented. You will receive a receipt for your purchase. Support, service, exchange option & warranty are included. We simply give you a better deal

Buy our used schoolgear

The gear used in the kiteschool is sold off regularly during the season. The equipment is in good condition and the prices are even better. Warranty is valid 4 months

Demo & used kitegear

We also have used gear(link) on stock. Both our demo gear and previously owned gear. Demo gear is often top notch, is a little higher in price and includes at least 6 months warranty. All used gear is reviewed, checked and sold in existing condition with 1 month warranty

Our quality control

All equipment sold is reviewed and tested so it does not leak. We note any wear, damage or repairs. You can pay by invoice or cash and receive a receipt for your purchase.

Buying new kitegear!

We are official retailers of Core, North, Eleveight, Duotone, Xenon and Mystic and have the most popular models in most sizes on stock. Get the latest gear, models or check out the sales of previous models. We have complete kite packages and offers


Come to our shop @ Vanadisvägen 21 in Stockholm Grab a coffee, talk kite trips, talk with a pro and check out the latest kitegear. Open every day, Monday – Sunday. Call first 070 046 40 42

Kiteshop in stockholm

    Core, North, Eleveight, Xenon, Duotone, Mystic

    Smooth payments with swish:
    Kiteboardcenter 123 465 6864

    Shop for a new kite package from us, support & beach service included

    Possibility of loaning equipment if we have available
    Loan of leach, harness, pump if you forgot
    Assistance if you need help
    Tips and advice for trimming your kite
    Spare parts, repair kits, tape, screwdrivers etc

    When taking your kite lessons with us you have up to 20% discount on new gear. Welcome to the store or use your discount code.