Snowkite courses


Snowkite basic

1995 kr5 h
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This is what you can expect! During one day you learn the basics of snowkiting in a quick and safe way. Theory is combined with lots of practical exercises and we spend the most time

Snowkite basic Plus

2395 kr1 day
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This is your full day course! Snowkite Basic Course Plus is the maximized day course that gives those extra hours to help you master the snowkiting technique. When we have taught the basics, you are

Snowkite Complete

3295 kr2 days
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This is what to expect! Our complete snowkite course is a packed two-day course. The first day (5 hours) will give you the basic theory and knowledge of handling the kite. You also get to


Snowkite Refresh

1490 kr3 h
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THis is what you can expect! Snowkite Refresh is for those who want to get back to snowkiting after a time of inactivity. The course fits also perfect for those who have tried kitesurfing (on

Extra day kite lesson

1595 kr5 h
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Extra course day Extend your course with one day. We adapt the content to the level you are at. Your instructor listens to you and take in to consideration if you want repetition from previous


Snowkite Experience

1290 kr x 22,5 h
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Feel the adrenaline! Snowkite Experience is the course for those who want to extract fun parts of a basic course in the shortest amount of time. This means you get a feeling for the sport


Ice-skating kite

790 kr4 h
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  this is what You SHould expect Ice skating with a kite is a really fun activity for those who like to glide on the frozen seas in winter time. It is also a perfect kick-off