Private Lesson

1095 SEK/hBook

Private lessons are perfect when you want to progress faster. Book an instructor for a few hours and get to next level

Expect this

Sharpen your kite technique with an experienced instructor. We listen to your wishes, show you the technique, then we hit the water and train intensively. We can do the kite lessons with your own equipment * or borrow from us.

Add video coaching for best development. Watch your riding and technology in slow motion and get valuable tips from your instructor.

Course content

We adapt the lesson after your wishes. A private lesson is perfect for you if you:

  • Need to refresh and trim your technique/knowledge for a few hours.
  • Are unsure which beaches that are good for kitesurfing in the Stockholm area.
  • Have bought your own kite equipment and what help to get started.
  • Need to repeat rigging, self-rescue or go through your kite’s safety system.
  • Want to perfect your riding technique and go to the next level
  • Need an IKO certification.
  • Want help to STOMP that trick.
  • Train your jumping technique so that you can send it higher than everyone else.


  • 1095 SEK/hour incl. equipment including kite, board, wetsuit, harness, floatvest, helmet and shoes / gloves if necessary

Coaching incl. video

Pay 1295 kr/ hours and your lesson is recorded on video. You, together with an instructor who are at least IKO Level 2 certified analyse the video. This way you can get invaluable tips for how to develop your ride

Think of this

* If your equipment is old, worn or deemed to have a poor flying ability, bad safety system or poor relaunch, our instructor will recommend using our modern school equipment for your private lesson. This for a faster, safer and more efficient course.

If it has been more than 2 years since you had your first kite course or if you feel that you have forgotten a lot of your skills, we recommend that you go our Basic course.