IKO Max kitecourse

6690 kr3 daysBook

This is a 3 day course covering beginner & advanced lessons, taking you from complete beginner to actually riding upwind.

Set up of kitelessons

This massive kite course is the best choice for beginners who have decided to make kitesurfing a career. The course is divided into 3 days and at least 15 hours are exercises and training on the water.

The kite lessons cover all the basic training and safety. You will get loads of experience, learn advanced techniques and progression. There are no other courses similar to this in Sweden.

The 3rd day we focus on riding, acceleration, going upwind and transitions. This is the kite course for those who want to get far in a short time. Parts of your training are photographed / filmed so you can receive valuable feedback and tips on what you need to practice and correct.

Incredible generous support, a course with Kiteboardcenter makes you feel safe and you have always someone to back you up and, both during and after the course. So amazingly valuable when you are newbie!!! / Erika

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  • Price: 6690 SEK
  • Duration: 3 days / 15 hours
  • IKO qualified: Level 1, 2, 3
  • Courses start: Every day
  • Locations: Stockholm, Gotland, Öland, Blekinge
  • Max group size: 2 students / instructor
  • No previous experience needed

All information for your kite lessons, choice of beach, schedules, preparations, what to bring and your guarantee available here kitesurfing information


Day 1

Day 2

  • Refresh if necessary
  • Riding with coaching / excercises
  • Self-rescue and self-landing
  • Techniques: acceleration and stop by edging.

Day 3

  • Coaching
  • Technique for IKO L3, depends on the rider, but hopefully upwind, accelerations, and transitions.
  • Video and photo session

For best progress, we recommend that you rest one or a few days between day 1, 2 and 3


  • Complete modern kite equipment
  • Wetsuit & helmet
  • IKO licensed instructors
  • Documentation & beach guide
  • IKO certificate on request
  • Access to our kitezone
  • Discount when purchasing kite equipment