All information about our kitecourses. How to prepare for the course, schedules, transport, beach selection and our support after the lessons.


Here is all information about most things you need to know before your kite or wingfoil course, what you need to bring with you and how we choose the beach for the kite course. Your deal: Get your entire course fee (up to 4695 kr) in discount when you purchase new kitepackage >>

General info

  • Which course to choose?

    BASIC COURSE, 1 day

    The basic course is a solid 1 day course that takes you right up to the water start with the board. Choose this if you are curious or want to try the sport and test water starts with the kiteboard.

    You can easily upgrade the basic course and add on more days.


    Two days gives you more experience and training. Choose this kite course if you have decided to really learn to kitesurf.

    The first day is the basics including board starts. The second day we train more technology and riding. Book this course if you know you want a lot of training, technology and riding right from the start.

    When you book the 2 day course, you only book the first day. The second day you book together with the instructor and / or according to the best wind forecast

    NOTE: We recommend a few days rest between the days, for the best progression.

    As we are completely wind- and weather dependent, we may need to rebook your date several times. If you know that you are going to move, start working, get changed family circumstances, it is better to book 1 day and then build on with EXTRA COURSEDAYS. Read more about returns below.

    Course guide, compare all kite courses here.

  • At what time is the kite course?

    Normally we gather at 9.30 am on the beach and start around 15 – 20 minutes after

    However, we ALWAYS adapt the courses to the wind. If wind starts later in the day, we will not sit and wait on the beach. We will start in relation to when the wind is best during the day. If that’s the case we usually end later in the day.

    Exact times and scheduled course start will be updated via email,

    1 day before the start of the course
    We send out an email with information about times, location of beach, what to bring with you and directions.

    This email will be sent out to your inbox between 12 noon – 6 pm. Sometimes later since forecasts can be hard to analyze and the team can not take decisions on beach or times.

    Sometimes we can not see clear forecasts and then we will send the update later in the afternoon or evening

  • How often do you have kite courses?

    Kite courses start EVERY windy day. ALL year round.

    Summer season: 15 march – 1 november
    Winter season:
    15 december – 1 march

    You can book the kite courses at ANY time of the year. Monday – Sunday. In reality, it is blowing right for kitesurfing / snowkite about 4-5 days a week

    YES, we run courses on Sundays, holidays, Midsummer, Easter, autumn holidays, middle days. If conditions are good.

    Closed on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

    Kitesurf Season:

    March – November. We run courses every windy day during this period, when the water and the air temperatures are pleasant.

    In order to complete the course, we also need the right wind strength and direction

    Snowkite Season:

    Season between December – March.

    We offer snowkite courses everyday and weekend all winter. We teach on safe snow-covered fields (Gärdet, Vallentuna field) and on strong safe ice (Ullnasjön, Drevviken, Vallentuna, Fysingen).

    In order to run our snowkite courses, we need both the correct wind strength and a good snow layer.

  • How do i find you?

    SHOP is located at Vanadisvägen 21, Stockholm (inside the building)

    Our kite courses are held on shallow beaches throughout the Stockholm area. When you go for a course we will be looking at the best beach for the day. And you will need a car to reach them (or pay for transport / co-ride)

    Our opening hours in the shop are normally 10.00 – 16.00 monday – friday. Weekends by appointment.

    Opening hours vary, we are preferably on the beach when its windy, so please call before you visit us: 072 183 02 75 or 070 046 40 42

    Vanadisvägen 21, Stockholm

    Please note that there is no shopwindow, we are located inside the building. Call the bell inside

  • Where is the course held?

    It is the wind direction that determines which beach we are heading for.

    We run all courses on shallow and safe beaches within 1.5 hours from Stockholm. Some beaches are close, others are a little further away. Expect 35 min up to one hour itinerary

    Most common beaches are Dalarö where we have our surf-center. Other beaches are Gålö, Studsvik, Ekerö, Norrtälje & Gävle.

    When booking, you may wish for a specific beach, but we cannot guarantee that your kite course will take place right there.

    Choice of beach takes place 1-2 days before the start of the course.

  • How do i book a course?

    In our booking calendar, it is easy to book a day for your kite course.

    In the calendar, you see all the vacancies and dates. They are marked with green. You choose a day that suits you.

  • Payment of the course

    When you book, you choose to pay with swish, invoice, gift card or cash.

    When your booking is paid your spot is guaranteed.

    Whatever payment method you choose, your participation is always secured.

    If you choose invoice, it will be sent as a pdf to your email address. If you have a company, we can put the invoice on your company.

    We plan the kite courses based on your booking.

  • Refund policy

    If you have booked and started your course, but want a refund, we will deduct an administrative fee of 30% on the course fee and returns will be made on the last day of each calendar month. Bank account and clearing number must be sent in via email.

    When you book a kite course, you need to be aware that our courses is 100% based on wind- and weather conditions. It is not certain that you can go on your first booked date due to bad conditions. Sometimes we may need to rebook several times before we get the right winds the same day that also fits your calendar

    The probability that you can take your kite course increases the more flexible you are with your days. If we have had to cancel your course day, the more dates you give us, the higher your chance that we can complete your course/p>

    Once you have booked and started your course, you have one year to complete it, and from our side an unlimited number of attempts to find a new course date

    When you book your course, then choose the number of days that you KNOW you can complete in one year.

    If you KNOW that you may have to change jobs, move, travel abroad or have changed family circumstances that will prevent you from completing the course under the given conditions, then just book the number of days you can, and then book EXTRA COURSE DAYS if you want to extend your course


    If you have redeemed an experience, gift card, voucher from an experience company such as Live It, etc, only occasional returns are made depending on the supplier and circumstances. An administrative fee of 50% is charged. If you have paid for your course via Actiway, Benify, ePassi, Wellnet or received a health care allowance from your employer, no returns will be made.

  • Rebook

    You can rebook your course date up to 24 hours before the course starts.

    Contact us immediately if you know that you have a conflict and cannot attend:

    072 183 02 75
    070 046 40 42

    If you have less than 24 hours left to start the course, you can still reschedule your course, but then a fee of SEK 300 will be charged.

    If you can get a replacement for your course location, we do not need to charge any fee, not
    rather if you can show a medical certificate

    NO SHOW:

    If you are booked and confirmed but do not show up on the course day, you have lost your spot.

    If you already paid the course no refund will be made. If you haven’t paid the course, you will be billed for the full course fee. If the invoice is not paid, the case will be sent to a debt collection agency.

    You will not be obliged to repay if your absence can be substantiated by a medical certificate or if there has been an accident.

  • Cancellation

    You can cancel the reservation until 48 hours before the course.

    In case of cancellation 1 week before course start: No charge

    In case of cancellation 1 day before the start of the course: You will be charged half the course cost

    In case of cancellation less than 1 day before or same day / does not show up: You will be charged a full course fee for the booked course

    Have you already paid your kite course you have a year to complete your course.

    You can also use your paid course fee as payment of other services or products in our range

    NO SHOW:

    If you are booked and confirmed but do not show up on the course day, you have lost your spot.

    If you already paid the course no refund will be made. If you haven’t paid the course, you will be billed for the full course fee. If the invoice is not paid, the case is sent to debt collection.

    You will not be obliged to repay if your absence can be substantiated by a medical certificate or if there has been an accident.


  • Weather & winds

    Kitesurfing is 100% weather and wind dependent. Weather changes at short notice. The wind as well. Yes, we hold kite courses EVERY day a week IF there are good winds and the right conditions for kitesurfing

    We read ALL forecasts for winds, including SMHI, YR, KLART, WINDY, WINDFINDER and make an overall analysis a few days before your course starts.

    We are looking for:
    • Wind strength
    • Wind direction
    • Wind quality
    • Common denominator of forecasts
    • Changes in the outer areas
    • High / low pressure

    1 day before the start of the course
    We send out an email with information about times, location of beach, what to bring with you and directions. This email normally goes out around 13.00 the day before the course

    Sometimes winds and weather change at extremely short notice and we may need to rebook your course date several times before we can complete your kite course

    Sometimes it is not possible to predict the winds until only a few hours before. If the wind forecast is not good enough, we will find a new date for your course together.

    In some cases, the course cannot be completed on the date you have booked due to wind and weather conditions.

    If you cannot continue your kite course: Read more about returns and refunds under General Info

  • Days before the lesson

    3-4 days before the course

    We make a rough estimate of the winds, but it is too early to determine the beach

    1-2 days before the start of the course
    We begin to analyze wind strength and direction more carefully. If it looks completely windless then we usually send out a mail and suggest changed course dates.

    1 day before the start of the course
    We send out an email with information about times, location of beach, what to bring with you and directions.

    This email will be sent out to your inbox between 12 noon – 6 pm. Sometimes later since forecasts can be hard to analyze and the team can not take decisions on beach or times.

    Short notice
    Kitesurfing and snowkite is a 100% wind-dependent sport.

    Sometimes it is not possible to predict the winds until only a few hours before.

    In some cases, the course cannot be completed on the date you have booked due to wind and weather conditions.

    If the wind forecast is not good enough we will find a new date for your course.

  • Getting to the beach

    The most simple and fastest way to reach the beach.

    It is possible to go to Dalarö by bus. The other beaches are most often too remote.

    Tell us if you don’t have a car when you book your course. We can probably coordinate a ride with another student or instructor for you. 

    If you share a car, bring some gas money to the driver.

  • What to bring

    CHECKLIST for your course day
    • Dress for the season. Even if it is sunny the wind can be cold.
    • Warm hoodie, warm jacket, gloves, and a beanie.
    • Rain jacket or wind jacket.
    • Swimwear and a towel.
    • Sunblock and sunglasses.
    • Lunch, snacks. Bring more food than you think.
    • Water/beverage, both warm and cold.
    • Come rested.

      CHECKLIST for snowkite

      • Bring your skis / snowboard, helmet
      • Ice peaks if needed (we will notify you)
  • The day of the course

    We usually gather around 9.30 am on the beach. The course starts about 15 minutes after the gathering.

    Sometimes we start earlier and sometimes later. It depends entirely on the wind. Our courses are at least 6 hours, apart from travel time. However, the length of the course may vary due to many factors, therefore, set aside all day for kitesurfing.

    Expect that the course is going on for a full day and that there may be a risk that you will come home late.

    CHECKLIST for snowkite
    • Bring your skis / snowboard, helmet
    • Warm clothes, dressed for winter climate
  • Gear for the course

    ALL GEAR IS INCLUDED IN ALL COURSES: Everything will be included in the course. A complete set of kite-gear including wetsuit, harness, floating west, helmet.

    If it´s very cold, we have extra gear included, like shoes, gloves, hoodie and windbreaker.

  • No wind?

    We are very experienced in reading wind forecasts, but sometimes the wind may fail.

    A few days before your booked date we’ll see if it is going to be windy and contact you.

    If there is no wind, we will book a new date. We rebook as many times as necessary to be able to complete your kite course in the right conditions.

    The strength and direction of the winds are constantly changing, and this can affect your kite course at short notice.

    The more flexible you are, the greater is the opportunity to get optimal time for your kite course!

  • After the kite course

    It is now that your kite-career starts! Now you will need gear and a lot of input on what to choose. We are always here to help! Buy from us and get your student discount. We have both the latest gear and good quality 2nd hand gear. The showroom is in the middle of Stockholm city center!

    • Student-discount on gear, up to 20% on new gear. When purchasing new kite package through us we deduct the course fee, up to 4695 kr on the price
    • Plan and support for your development.
    • International IKO certificate
    • Dispatch every week via e-mail, windlist. (for club members)
    • On our facebook page you can follow the timeline: Information about forecasts, events, kite trips and news
    • Free support and info during the season.

    In the kitezone on this webpage, you can find tons of info, tips and techniques. All there to help you develop as a kitesurfer.

  • the goal with the course

    The goals of the kite courses are that you should have the knowledge and security to be able to go out and continue developing on your own.

    Objectives of the basic course:
    Give you all the tools theory, security, rigging, kite control, start/landings, body drag, restart, technique with a board and be able to start
    with board.

    The goal with complete course:
    The first day is the same as the basic course. Day two consists of technology review and coaching. A lot of exercise takes place on your own, but instructors are always there to coach you. The goal is to give you more experience and feel safe in several situations.

    Goals with kite course Max:
    To make you an independent kitesurfer. Three days of training normally gives this development.
    Note that development is individual and may differ a lot. It is not certain that you can go back and forth after three days, but you have got a lot of experience and control.


    The basis of our courses is IKO’s standardized education plan. It is divided into different levels.

    Level 1 is rigging, safety, risk analysis and flying training kit on land.

    Level 2 is all moments in the water, launching, landing, relaunch, body drag and water starts.

    Level 3 is more technical training, water starts, stop, turns, self-rescue, toeside riding and small jumps.

    The Basic Course normally covers the entire IKO level 1 and 2.

    The Complete Kite Course as well as Kite Course Max  we go into parts on level 3 coaching and training more on your own.

    Note that the learning and development curve is individual. IKO Certification takes place on demand and to the level you reach.

  • We adapt the courses after the wind

    We adapt the course after the winds and cannot guarantee that the Complete and the Max kite course are held in two or three consecutive days. Normally it’s held with maximum 1-2 weeks in between the days. You need to be a little bit flexible and take the course on the terms of the wind.

Guarantee & support

  • Course guarantee

    All the coaches, mentors, assistants and instructors are teaching according to IKO and have extensive experience of kitesurfing.

    The goal of the beginner’s course is to provide you with the basics of kite surfing and prepare for your new career on the water.

    We give you knowledge of rigging, safety, starting, landing, water restarting and a lot of kite flying experience. This gives you confidence in being able to go out on your own and safely exercise the sport.

    It is important to understand that part of the learning process is to always have a full understanding of all safety guidelines and learn safe routines, training you to be a safe kitesurfer, not just for yourself but for people around you!

    We follow the international curriculum (IKO) and certify you to the level you achieve.

    Your IKO certificate is included in the course fee
    All kite courses are held on safe beaches suitable for course activities. Properly adapted equipment and helmet.

    We regularly check and update our school equipment so that everything is in top conditions.

    Teaching takes place when there are safe wind and weather conditions.

    Kiteboardcenter is insured with IF insurance


    We are always chasing the wind, and we’ve become pretty good at it. Sometimes the wind fails before we start the course or it stops blowing during the course.

    We will re-book the course free of charge until your course is completed
    You can start and finish your kite course at all our kite schools in Sweden:
    Kitekurs Stockholm, Kitekurs
    Gotland, Kitekurs Öland, Kitekurs Blekinge

    Your wind guarantee applies to all our courses, Stockholm, Öland, Gotland and Blekinge

  • Support & development plan

    When your kite course is over, it’s the beginning of something new. We know that it may feel uncertain at first to go out on your own right after a course.

    Therefore, our unique development plan is available after the course that will help you in your continued kite career.

    We offer:

    • Free club membership
    • Windlist and newsletter
    • Access to social forums
    • Shop in Stockholm city center
    • Available and engaged crew
    • Discount on gear after course
    • Support, every day, all year around
    • Rent gear with discounts
    • Supplementary courses
    • Private lessons & Coaching
    • Kite trips to world-class destinations
  • Your development curve

    On average, it takes 5 to 6 hours to get up on the board and get a few meters.

    But it is important to understand that everyone who wants to start kite surfing has different learning curves and has different experiences from water and extreme sports.

    Some students can adapt faster to all aspects but it may take longer for others. However, it doesn’t mean  that someone with a long experience of, for example, snowboarding is going to be better at kite surfing than someone who has never tried any boarding.

    You may hear or see that other schools can promise you a faster development over less hours, this is not achievable and results in the important safety aspects being missed or rushed. It is possible to get away on the kiteboard in just 3-4 hours, but you will lack a lot of essential knowledge of how to be a safe kitesurfer to keep you and others safe.

  • discounts & advantages

    When you have completed a course you will receive good discounts on kite equipment. We have developed several finished kite-packages available for you. 

    When purchasing your new kitepackage with us we deduct the entire course fee, up to 4695 kr from the original price!

    The discount applies on new gear, on RRP prices. Not applicable on sales or used gear. Check out your kitepackages

    We also have used equipment in stock if you do not want to shop new. Most of our used equipment is checked and if any repairs its documented

    If you buy our school and demo equipment, you get really good prices.

    This is always included in your purchase:

    • Right of return
    • Trade in-rights.
    • Demo & test before buying
    • Guidance, guarantee & service
    • Help with getting started
    • Kitepackages in the webshop
  • Rent gear

    It is not always easy to decide what equipment to buy after a course. With us you can rent equipment and as a student, you get a discount on your rental cost.

    It’s a perfect and inexpensive way to keep having fun on the water without having to buy gear. You can find more information about prices here.

  • insurances

    Kiteboardcenter have liability insurance via IF. 

    All participation takes place at your own risk. Therefore, check your personal insurance before starting the course. You should have your own valid insurance covering possible damage to person and material.

    When you participate in one of our courses you can buy one year’s accident insurance and membership in the Swedish Kite Association at a discounted price. read more about the insurance with Folksam.

  • injuries

    Kiteboardcenter has liability insurance via IF. 

    All participation takes place at your own risk. Therefore, check your personal insurance cover before starting the course. You should have your own valid insurance covering possible. damage to person and material.

    There is no insurance at a reasonable price and deductible for covering equipment damage. The equipment can withstand very rough handling, but is
    at the same time sensitive material. We teach the handling of equipment both on land and on water.

    Follow the instructor’s advice and instructions and there are usually no problems. Damage to equipment that turns out to be a manufacturing defect is covered by our purchase guarantee.

    Damage to material that arises from careless or pointless handling that takes place after correct instructions on handling have been given by the instructor, is reimbursed at the cost price of the person who is fully (100%) or partly (50%) responsible for the damage.

  • our dedication

    Kite surfing is our passion and we are driven by seeing a smile on you face. Our commitment is to help you become a safe and independent kitesurfer. We also help you after the course, when you
    need support. You are welcome to join with us at the beach, even if you do not attend the course. You get tips, help and advice from our staff when we are seen on the beach.

    STOCKHOLM KITEBOARDCENTER is one of Sweden’s largest kite schools and we follow IKO’s education plan. Everyone in
    our team are experienced kite surfers, good at teaching according to IKO standards

    After a kite surfing course, you can rent equipment from us to test by yourself on your own. Most people, however, usually buy their own equipment after the course.

    We are dealers and distributors of equipment and you have the opportunity to try kite equipment before buying. We have pre-made package solutions for equipment but can also put together equipment packages that suit you and your budget. New or used. Ask your instructor for recommendations, and try our selection of top brands .

Kiteboardcenter – the best choice

Knowing which kiteschool to choose for your kite lessons can sometimes be hard. It is difficult to compare prices and content

Kiteboardcenter welcomes you with Swedens best course concept. We have high demands on ourselves to deliver high value to you as a student. Here are our core values

  • Genuine and efficient courses with lots of time in the water
  • Highest quality on course content, IKO standard
  • Licensed, passionate and highly experienced IKO instructors
  • Meaningful and fouced exercises from reality
  • Modern and safe kite equipment in the school
  • Genomtänkt plan för din utveckling
  • Support & service after your lessons, when you need most help

Kiteboardcenter is one of the few kite schools in Sweden that is run fulltime and is open every day all year. For you, this means that you can get help whenever you need