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Kite surfing is our passion. And we are happy to share it with you. Join us for your next adventure and we will do something fun together!

Swedens Largest Kiteschool

Kiteboardcenter is the most experienced kiteschool and have the highest ranked IKO instructors in Sweden. We have over 290 course days per year and 17 years of experience in kitesurfing and teaching. 

Stockholm Kiteboardcenter is a highly recommended kiteschool from satisfied students. Kitesurfing & snowkite is our passion and student progression is the drive force. We believe that high quality of course content, skilled, experienced instructors and modern kite equipment are the key to your success on the water.

Stockholm Kiteboardcenter has taken me to a higher level of my kitesurfing / Jonas

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Our dedicated instructors, coaches, assistants are licensed according to IKO and have long experience of teaching kite surfing. We have been teaching over 13,000 hours in the water since 2004. Our students and customers are happy to recommend us for their friends. It is a quality we are proud of and gives you a guarantee for safe, safe and fun course.

We help you to develop and improve in your kite surfing. Our solid experience, local knowledge and genuine passion about kite surfing gives you a safe, secure and meaningful progression within the sport.

You are so welcome to hang out with us even if you do not attend any course. Hope to see you on the beach, in the shop or any of our kite trips / Björn Lundin, IKO L3, CEO

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Meet our team & schools

We want you to learn kite surfing. You can do that with us at several locations in Sweden.

We have kite schools established in Stockholm, Gotland, Öland and in Blekinge and partner schools in Västerås, Umeå, Varberg and Malmö

You also meet our team and ambassadors from Skåne to Norrland. Search our Sweden map to find the nearest team riders.

You can book some time with one of our representatives who will guide you further whether it is simple questions to test equipment.

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Our story

We are one of Sweden’s largest kite schools and have the most experienced IKO instructor, L3. Kiteboardcenter has trained in kitesurfing on Stockholm’s beaches since 2002 and the first school to hold IKO-licensed courses in Stockholm.

With over 290 training days per year, summer and winter, we are today one of the most experienced kite schools in Sweden and 2016 we opened the gates to the surf center at Dalarö

So incredibly generous support, a course with Kiteboardcenter and you feel safe and like having someone who always backs you up, so valuable! / Erika

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When it’s windy, we choose the beach. The shop might be closed. However, we always try to be available to help you. Call 070 046 40 42