Kite equipment rental

Simple and easy way for you to kite surf without having your own equipment

You can rent kitesurfing equipment upon presentation of IKO / KSA certificate or you other proof that you can handle kitesurfing gear. You should be completely self-sustaining in all aspects as we can not ensure that help is available. Kites, harnesses, wetsuits and boards are available in most sizes.


Renting equipment from us is a simple and smart way for you to continue kite surfing without owning your own gear or if you left your own gear at home. The equipment can be rented on the beach where we are for the day. This gives you several advantages. Your rental period is counted only when you rigged and ready to go out into the water. We can also adapt the size of the kite if the wind increases or decreases. And you can buy your rental kite if you like it.


pricelist kitesurfing equipment


Per h

3 h

More than 3 h

Complete kite

300 kr

500 kr

900 kr


100 kr

300 kr

500 kr


100 kr

300 kr

400 kr


100 kr

200 kr

300 kr

Complete kit: kite, harness, wetsuit, board

500 kr

1000 kr

1500 kr

Doubble kit: kite, board, 2 harness, 2 wetsuits

800 kr

1300 kr

1900 kr




  • Equipment can only be rented on the beach where our instructors are
  • We have the right to decline rentals at any time if we se insufficient knowledge in handling the equipment
  • All equipment can be rented by the hour, 3 hour or full day.
  • All rental period of 3 hours counted as full day.
  • The equipment is not insured, any damage is paid for by the lessee *
  • Rent is paid from the time you are rigged and ready to go out into the water until the equipment is packed up and returned
  • The rent is paid in cash to the instructor responsible for the return of equipment
  • You have option to buy your leased kite at good price

Rent your gear, a simple and easy way to surf when you want


If there are wind - there are rentals available. The best way is that you check the wind forecast for the day and get in touch with us on mail, sms, or celphone 070 046 40 42. Please give us a day in advance notice, we will tell you where to go.