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All you need to know

You'll soon take your kitesurf lessons and probably has plenty of questions prior to the course. Where should we be? What time? What should I bring?


Here we give you some of the basic information. If you do not find your answer here, feel free to contact us


When are you open and when do you have lessons?

We are open 7 days a week

Monday - Sunday

Season starting: 15 april

Season ending: 15 october


Kitesurfing lessons: starting every windy day*

SUP rentals: are available every day

Shop is open: 7 days a wee. online and at the kitecenter

* Kitesurfing is a 100% wind dependent activity. We know a few days in advance if there will be right conditions for lessons.


Book your lessons or rentals


In our online calendar you decide which day you want to take the course and make a reservation for that date. One or two days before your lesson, we check the forecasts and contact you. If no wind, we just set a new date.

Where are you located?


We are located on Dalarö, 35-45 minutes south of Stockholm.

Address: Askfatsvägen / Askfatshamnen, 137 70 Dalarö

(Same cottage as Dalarö Kajak).


Please call us before you go. The staff are not always at the shop.

Where are lessons held?


We teach on shallow beaches all over Stockholm area.


We choose kitebeach according to wind direction. Mostly our lessons are held on our own kitebeach on Dalarö, but as wind direction changes we have to go to other beaches.


Winds strength and direction are constantly changing, and it can affect your kite course on short notice. The more flexible you are, the greater the chances are that you'll get the maximum time on the water. This also applies to your continued kitesurfing career.


All our teaching spots are within Stockholm area and will be notified at minimum one day before the course.

How do I make a booking?

You decide which day you want to take the course. The booking calendar is always updated with all spots available for courses. Book a date to suit you. One or two days before your lesson date we will check the forecasts and contact you. If there will be no wind, we will just set a new date.


Winds strength and direction are constantly changing, and it can affect your kite course on short notice. The more flexible you are in your course, the greater the chances are that you'll get the maximum time on the water.

Payment / re-booking / cancellation


When you book you select between invoice or cash. If you choose invoice , we will send it as a pdf to your email address. The invoice has short expiration date so make sure that it is paid on time.



If you do not pay the invoice in time, we will send a reminder. On the second reminder we will add 150 SEK for each reminder. It still not paid the invoice will be left the matter to debt collection. So it is better to pay in time and put the money on cool things, like kitesurfing gear.



You can re-book your course dates free of charge until 48 hours before the start of the course. Contact us immediately if you know that you will be unavailable to participate on your booked date. At less than 48 hours left until the start of the course , you can still book your course, but then we have to charge a rebooking fee of SEK 200. If you can obtain a replacement for your course place, we do not charge a rebooking fee.



You can cancel up to 48 hours before the start of the course at no cost. At less than 48 hours to the coursestart you will be billed the full course fee. Billing does not occur if a medical certificate is provided.


Stockholm Kiteboardcenter may cancel the course at any time regarding wind- and weather conditions.



On average it takes 6 to 10 hours to get up on the board and and maybe ride a few yards. To be able to ride in both directions it might take a few days, practicing on your own.


The goal with our beginner courses is to give you the basic tools and prepare you for your new career on the water. The course will give you experience, self confidence to be able to go out on your own and safe practice of the sport.


It is crucial to understand that part of the learning process is to emphasize all safety procedures and practice them to be a safe kiteboarder, not only for yourself but for people around you!



Its important to understand that everyone that wants to start kitesurfing has different learning curves and has different previous experience from water- and extreme sports. Some students may adapt faster to all aspects while it takes longer time for others.


You may hear other school promise you a faster progression because they simply skim through those aspects and do not respect the safety standards.



At Stockholm Kiteboardcenter, as a training center with IKO affiliated instructors, we are very committed to turn you into a safe and independent kiteborder.


Students usually buy their own gear after this course: Buy wisely by trying our selection of top brands equipment with your instructor's guidance, and receive our "Prepare, set & GO service"

Days before the lesson

A few days before the course we will check wind forecast and contact you. Sometimes we do not contact you until the day before the course. It may be because we do not see clearly how the wind will develop or that we have not decided which beach we should go to.


Once you have booked the course through our website your reservation is automatically confirmed. If you do not hear from us until the day before, do not be nervous and make other arrangements that day. Kitesurfing is a wind dependent sport and sometimes you can not see how it'll blow until just a few hours before.


In some cases, you can not do the course on the dates you have provided through wind and weather conditions. If the wind forecast is not good enough we will find a new date for your course.

the day of lesson

We usually start around 9:00 in the morning. Sometimes earlier and sometimes later. It depends on the wind. We meet at the beach, if nothing other is agreed.


We have complete kitesurf equipment on loan during your course day. You only need to pack with according to the checklist below.


Checklist for your day of the course:

  • Warm clothing like a change of clothes, windbreaker and hat
  • Bathing suit and towel
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Lunch, snacks and maybe some fruit
  • Drink, preferably both hot and cold. Type of water / juice or energy drink and coffee
  • Join us rested and prepared
how to get to the beach

If you do not have access to car, inform us when you make your reservation. There might be possible to co-ride with anohter student. It is also possible to use public transportation to many of the beaches, we will give you information on bus stops. Timetable and route planner can be found at:

What if there are no wind

Our instructors are very experienced when it comes to checking the wind forecasts, but sometimes the wind fails. If the wind conditions will turn out bad, we book a new date for your course.

Goal with beginner courses

The goal of this beginner courses is for you to have the knowledge and security you need to on your own be able to go out and continue your development. The goal is not to kitesurf back and forth in one or two days. It may require more training and time.


If you choose our complete 2 day course we conduct IKO Beginner Basic first day. During day two takes most of the training on your own, with instructor surveillance and guidance. There is no guarantee that you can kitesurf independently after day two, but you've got a lot of experience and kitecontrol.

Please not: We will adjust the course by winds and can not guarantee the complete 2 day course is conducted two days consecutively. Normally it can be implemented with maximum 1-2 weeks apart. You need to be a little flexible and can take the course on wind conditions.

After the course

When you have completed your beginners course, you get an international IKO certificate upon request. It's your proof that you passed a standardized and approved kitesurf course.

what about insurance?

Our instructors are liability insured for training, transportation and accidents. There are many kiteschools in Sweden, but surprisingly few are insured. It is easy to check this out.


All participation is at your own risk. Check your personal insurance coverage before the course starts. You should have your own valid insurance covering possible personal injury and material.

How do we personal injury or on material?

Our instructors are liability insured for training, transport and accident and have CPR certification. If accident occurs we take relevant measures and procedures for how we contact a healthcare professional.


All participation is at your own risk. Check your personal insurance coverage before the course starts.


You should have your own valid insurance covering possible personal injury and material.


There is no insurance with reasonable premiums and deductibles to cover damage to the equipment. The equipment can withstand rough handling , but is also sensitive material. We teach management of equipment, both on land and on water. Follow the instructor's advice and instructions and it is not usually a problem. Damage to equipment that proves to be manufacturing defect covered by our warranty purchase.


Damage to materials resulting from negligent or injudicious management that occur after proper handling instructions have been provided by the instructor , are replaced at cost of which is fully (100%) or partial (50%) responsible for the damage.




Kitesurfing, the course is a step towards your new lifestyle




IKO standards courseplan, licensed & insured instructors


Discounted rentals after your course

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