Kitesurf and snowkite courses



Kitelaunch i vatten

IKO basic kitecourse

Learn kitesurfing fast and efficient with our basic course. Full day, all gear included and you will get on the board on your first day. Experienced instructors and IKO certificate included.

Kitesurf - åkare på vattnet

IKO complete kitecourse

Best kitecourse and fastest progress. Two full days, all gear included and you will get on the board the first day. Experienced instructors and IKO certificate

kitekurs max kiteboardcenter

IKO Max kitecourse

This is a 3 day course covering beginner & advanced lessons, taking you from complete beginner to actually riding upwind.


Kite Lesson Refresh

Kitesurf Refresh is perfect for you who have already know the basics of kitesurfing, but need to refresh your skills.

Extra Day Kite Lesson

Add an extra day to your current kitecourse, get a full day of kitelesson adapted to your level

Freestyle kitejump

Private Lesson

Private lessons are perfect when you want to progress faster. Book an instructor for a few hours and get to next level

Kitekurs Freeride Progression

Freeride Progression

Freeride Progression takes your kite skills fast forward. This is the perfect kitecourse for you who some experience and know basics of riding upwind


IKO Assistent

  Det här kan du förvänta dig Ta din licens som IKO assistent. Detta är en av våra internutbildningar som ingår när du jobbar med Kiteboardcenter. Licensen ligger till grund om du vill ta din


Prova vattenstarter i kitesurfing

Kitesurf Experience

Kitesurfing Experience is a shorter lesson, designed for those who want to test the kite surfing’s coolest parts.

Kite for Kids and Teenagers

KITE FOR KIDS Kite for Kids is our kite courses for children. Designed to give your child an introduction to kitesurfing in a fun and safe way. There is one course for kids 7-8 years



Snowkite basic

This is what you can expect! During one day you learn the basics of snowkiting in a quick and safe way. Theory is combined with lots of practical exercises and we spend the most time

Snowkite basic Plus

This is your full day course! Snowkite Basic Course Plus is the maximized day course that gives those extra hours to help you master the snowkiting technique. When we have taught the basics, you are

Snowkite Complete

This is what to expect! Our complete snowkite course is a packed two-day course. The first day (5 hours) will give you the basic theory and knowledge of handling the kite. You also get to


Snowkite Refresh

THis is what you can expect! Snowkite Refresh is for those who want to get back to snowkiting after a time of inactivity. The course fits also perfect for those who have tried kitesurfing (on

Extra day kite lesson

Extra course day Extend your course with one day. We adapt the content to the level you are at. Your instructor listens to you and take in to consideration if you want repetition from previous


Snowkite Experience

Feel the adrenaline! Snowkite Experience is the course for those who want to extract fun parts of a basic course in the shortest amount of time. This means you get a feeling for the sport


Ice-skating kite

  this is what You SHould expect Ice skating with a kite is a really fun activity for those who like to glide on the frozen seas in winter time. It is also a perfect kick-off


All information about our kitecourses. How to prepare for the course, schedules, transport, beach selection and our support after the lessons.